PHP-based Form Mail (Feedback) Script

Using a PHP script, you may accept feedback from your website visitors and get the results emailed to you. You can use the sample script provided by and tweak it a bit to suit your requirements.

You would need to change the email address in the field $from to any email address on the domain name on which you are incorporating this script.


If your domain name is, then you would define the From email address as [email protected].

This email address need not be existing on the mail server of; however, the domain name in the $from field has to be yours.

You may use an email address such as [email protected].

The value in the $mailto field needs to be changed to the email address, where the email containing the data submitted through the form needs to be delivered.


In an attempt to keep a check on abuse from's Hosting Servers, the following conditions have been set for mail scripts on's Linux Hosting Servers:

  • The domain name in either the To or the From email address used in the script should be your domain name hosted with

    Example: is hosted with and and are hosted with some other hosting provider.

  • For mail scripts with the From email address as <user>@<server_hostname>, the To email address compulsorily should be an email address on your domain name hosted with

    Example: is hosted with with parent user yourdo & server name and is hosted with some other hosting provider.

    With the From email address as [email protected]:

Once the visitor provides feedback, he/she can then be re-directed to another page on your website. In order to achieve this, you need to mention the path to the HTML file in the $file field in the script. Alternatively, you can display a message to the visitor thanking him/her for the feedback. Such messages can be displayed in a new page like thanks.htm. Such a page can also contain other information as deemed necessary.

Sample Script


        $mailto="[email protected]";
        $subject = "Mail from Enquiry Form";

        $from="[email protected]";
        while (list($key,$val)=each($_POST))
        $pstr = $pstr."$key : $val \n ";

        while (list($key,$val)=each($_GET))
        $gstr = $gstr."$key : $val \n ";

        if ($pcount > $gcount)